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Skyrocketing into the Last Day of Classes with Fireworks and Bazinga!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Forbidden Planet and their fort!

Good morning, sunshines! It’s Cara B. with all the latest from last night’s evening program, Bazinga! It was tons of fun. At the end of evening meeting, campers were instructed to close their eyes. We sat whispering and giggling, excitedly awaiting for the big reveal. When campers opened their eyes, all of their counselors had been switched!

After getting acquainted with their new counselors over a yummy pasta dinner, LCH, Down Under, Wombles, and Gimme Shelter met in the Front Yard for a counselor hunt! Cabins were given clues which led them to different locations around camp. In each spot, a counselor was waiting with the next clue along with a puzzle piece. Once every counselor and puzzle piece had been found, the completed puzzle instructed cabins to head to Tipi Hill where they were greeted with surprise s’mores! The best kind of surprise, am I right?

Loons, Avalon, French 1/4, Paquatahnee, Chateau Fiasco, Wabanaki, Shangri-La, Camelot, Treasure Island, and Valhalla gathered at the soccer field to play a giant tag game called Predator-Prey! Different cabin groups were assigned to be carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, and natural disasters. The goal of the game was to survive, either by tagging members of other groups or visiting “water and food” stations around camp, all while avoiding “man,” who was running around with a water squirter.

In the backyard, Halley’s Comet, Atlantis, Forbidden Planet and Taj Mahal gathered together to play Construction Destruction. Each cabin was given cardboard, duct tape, and two picnic tables to build a huge fort to prepare for battle. Once the forts were constructed, they were put to the test in a massive water balloon fight. Everyone had a blast.

After all of the excitement, we all met back at the Rec Hall for a surprise dance! We danced and hung out together, waiting for the night sky to grow dark. Once the sun had fully set, the PDs announced that it was time to head over to Deer Meadows’ Field for fireworks! The display was phenomenal. There were smiles all around for this special July treat in August.

After a long, well-deserved rest, we woke up this morning to Jenny the PD’s favorite breakfast- French toast with strawberry sauce and whipped cream! With full bellies and sunscreen-ed faces, we gathered for morning meeting on this hot, sunny morning. After our usual announcements, Meg revealed that it is time for the long-awaited pickle tasting during Interest Groups! Luna and I will be sure to keep our eyes peeled and our tastebuds ready come four-o-clock.

Right now, everyone is finishing up art projects, enjoying one last bike ride or swim, and preparing performances on the last day of classes. Yesterday during rest period, some cabins had ice cream parties to say goodbye to campers who will be leaving tomorrow. While we are sad to see these campers go, we are so excited to say hello to our new two-weekers who will be arriving tomorrow. Today, we will all pitch in to make sure that departing campers are packed up and ready to go with luggage labeled, white books signed, and many goodbye hugs shared.

Speaking of sharing, tonight is Sharing Night, where we will see everyone’s hard work from the past two weeks come together on stage. Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about all the performances! For now, here are some photos from Bazinga!, the fireworks, and Alive’s trip to Waterfall Arts in Belfast.

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