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Singing, S’mores, and some good ole Scrambled Eggs!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
What kind of eggs?! SCRAMBLED EGGS

What kind of eggs?! SCRAMBLED EGGS

Hello people of this beautiful planet we call home!

Boy, do I have fun things to update you on from the past two days. Tuesday, we finished up our last lake drills as the lifeguards completed their training. Congratulations to them!! Woohoo on keeping us safe in the water! Further, the horse staff finished their drills as well! YES to safety at the horse barn! After a day of meetings and more class preparations, we celebrated the end of a successful day with some good music/laughter/entertainment therapy. We had our staff talent show, and oh man oh man is our staff talented. From melodic singing to hilarious skits to raps about how delicious scrambled eggs at breakfast are, all of the acts had the audience either crying from LAUGHTER or the sheer BEAUTY of the performances. Get excited, kids, your counselor may be the next contestant on Earth’s Got Talent or performing on the big stage (anyone watch the Australian version of The Voice?!)

After the show we all participated in a camp-wide search drill in which we had to pretend to look for a missing camper. At the end of the drill, we were surprised when we found one of our own staff members in distress because she was having too much fun around the campfire and had too many s’mores that she couldn’t eat all herself! Laughing and dancing, the staff celebrated the end of a successful drill/day with a party hosted by the PD’s. Thanks to all who helped plan this fun event-and for the sweet surprise!

Today and yesterday we started the day talking about empathy and boundaries. There were fascinating discussions held around this topic as we learned how to create a loving and safe environment for campers. Also, today the AWACS ARRIVE! We are SO excited to have them as this means that it really is all true…camp is starting soon! It wasn’t just a fantastic dream!!

Oh my goodness…and that means tomorrow some of our international campers arrive…which means the day after that ALL the campers arrive!! Holy guacamole!!! What an exciting time to be alive!!

Have a gorgeous day and know that we are all here having so much fun getting the camp ready for your (or your camper’s) arrival. If you are a camper, you will soon be participating in the activities mentioned in these posts…can’t wait!

Blessings from this beautiful land,

Miss Melody

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