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Sunday, June 27th, 2021

Sadie the Llama back again!

What a day we had around here! The first full day of campers bustling around camp. My oh my was it wonderful! Every cabin had their own schedule to follow today. Filled with different activities. Some activities everyone did; we all signed up for our first two weeks of classes, jumped in the lake or pool for swim evals and went on a camp tour.

Other activities were cabin specific. Here’s the inside scoop on what everyone was up to…Haley’s Comet did glass blowing, Loons went on Peter’s secret tour (if you know, you know), Avalon orbited Planet Meg, Wombles and French Quarter played yard games, PaquatahneeGimme Shelter, Forbidden Planet and Bermuda Triangle had time in their cabin groups to hang out at the animal barn and swing by the camp store. Valhalla and Shangri-La hung out and played games in the backyard, Fiddler’s Green and Taj worked on glass projects with Phillipe, Camelot made natural beauty products with one of our fabulous prostaff, Amanda. Community starting planning for a community service project involving pizza (stay tuned for more on that soon!) and HVA lent a hand in preparing for Pinegrove, they built our fire and led all of camp up Tipi Hill. It was a busy, wonderful day!

Can’t wait to fill you in on the scoop tomorrow!


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