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Sharing, Science, and Frisbee- Oh MY!

Friday, August 6th, 2021

Hey there!

Yesterday was the last day of classes for these first two weeks of second session. Which means our evening program was Sharing Night! Sharing Night is a chance for our performance classes (or any class!) to share what they’ve been working on. It’s a culminating event! To add to the magic of the evening, the schvitz dissipated just before Sharing Night was beginning. We were able to gather outside at our rec hall stage altogether. Check out these acts:

Boating Blueberry Collecting

Rock Band

Musical: “Welcome to the Renaissance”

Fairy Houses: MTV skit


Stage Makeup

Contemporary Dance

Giving Tree


Both Ukulele Classes

It was a very lovely evening! Check out the photos of sharing night and more! We had an ultimate frisbee game a couple days ago that were are some great photos from AND there are photos from our Crazy Science class!

Over and out-

Sadie the Llama


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