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Sharing Night, Maine Day, and Glow Bowling, Oh My!

Monday, August 14th, 2017


Good afternoon, amigos! It’s Cara B. with all the latest on this super sunny Lazy Day.

Last night we had an awesome Sharing Night. We had so many unique acts. There was a song from the basketball fun class, hip-hip, tap, and Irish dancing, an a-cappella performance, a fashion show put on by the knitting class, an interpreted song from the ASL class, a ukulele performance and a stage combat demonstration. We also watched the survival 101 class show off their “human burrito” hypothermia wrap skills, saw the Shibori (Japanese tie-dye) class’ beautiful works of art, heard the guardians of the gardens class talk about protecting Meg’s Planet from an invasive species of beetle, watched some improv, and finished the night with a sing-a-long led by the Disney singing class.

Whew! Good thing we all got to sleep in this morning after a big week of classes and a long night of sharing. We woke up and headed over to the dining hall for an outdoor breakfast of cranberry muffins and scrambled eggs. After our bellies were full, the younger half headed off camp for glow bowling! We all had a blast hanging out, bowling with friends, and grabbing a bite at the snack bar, all under the groovy disco lights of the alley.

After breakfast and a big cabin clean, the older half gathered in the Backyard for Maine Vacation Day! There were so many amazing Maine themed activities. There was a huge “ah-rt” station, which included Maine license plate making, lobster and Blue Sky can magnet making, button making, and tons of supplies to get our creative juices flowing. There was also lavender pillow making, Maine lawn games like corn hole and can jam, a Maine tourist photo booth, campfire songs, and a taste test of a classic Maine favorite, Moxie soda. Some loved the root beer-like treat, while others looked disgusted and said it tasted like toothpaste. Either way, it was super fun to spend time with friends and celebrate our home away from home.

After a morning of excitement, the whole camp met back in the Backyard for a picnic-style lunch and an extra long rest period. Right now, the younger half is enjoying a Backyard hang, while the older half is chilling down by the pool. Overall, we had a fabulous last Lazy Day to round out the session.

Tonight after a yummy pizza dinner, we’ll meet at the Rec Hall to watch the Alive show! Every summer, our arts teen program works on a themed show to exhibit all of their hard work this summer. Luna and I are wondering what the theme will be this year… All will be revealed in just a few hours! For now, enjoy some photos from yesterday’s basketball game, Sharing Night, glow bowling, and Maine Vacation Day!

Climbing away!


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