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Sharing Night and the Laziest of All Lazy Days!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Dancing like nobody’s watching!

Hey there, camp compadres! Cara here with all the latest on this beautiful, warm, sunny lazy day.

Today is not just any lazy day- it’s the laziest of all lazy days- A.K.A., PJ Day! The fun began last night after a delicious Chinese take-out style dinner, we headed over to the Rec Hall for Sharing Night! We started off the night with performances from the ALIVE classes, and continued on with rock band (who obviously rocked the house down.) Next was a contemporary dance class that shared a super dynamic and emotional performance, followed by ukulele, songwriting, a skit from llama care, and a super silly routine from the dance like nobody’s watching class. Jenny’s stomp class stomped, banged, and drummed their way through a day at Hidden Valley, and we saw some sweet dance moves from hip hop, street jazz, and zumba classes! we ended the evening with a super awesome sneak peek of the musical, which is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. it got us all so excited to see the show!

Once we headed off to bed, some counselors gathered at the office to welcome some arriving two weekers who traveled all the way from China. After a long journey, they joined their cabin groups for bedtime. This morning, we woke up, put on our clothes stayed in our pjs, and headed to the dining hall for breakfast sandwiches. In the morning, we hung out by the pool- swimming, making friendship bracelets, playing cards, slipping on the slip n’ slide, and playing frisbee and corn hole. We bid farewell to our first two weekers and said hello to new cabin mates coming in, and signed up for a new set of classes. There are some super amazing new classes being offered this time around- there’s bird watching, a Rihanna appreciation dance class, silly songwriting, a book club, salsa dance, advanced ropes, and even hiking with dogs!

After lunch and a loooonng rest period and cabin clean, we did some fabulous cabin activities. here’s what everyone got up to:

Loons had a birthday party

Down Under made cookies

Gimme Shelter made a cabin flag

Paquatahnee did a workshop with tonight’s performers, Kim and Reggie!

Avalon made a cabin project at the woodshop

French 1/4 did M&M questions

Chateau Fiasco played basketball

LCH baked muffins and made postcards

Shangri-La did Tipi Zip

Wombles made buttons

Camelot made a handprint tree

Wabanaki did tie-dye

Fiddler’s Green had some animal cuddles

Valhalla did henna and made postcards

Bermuda Triangle played three in a hat

Forbidden Planet went for a bike ride

Taj Mahal did a silent affirmation activity

Woohoo! Stay tuned for those photos tomorrow. right now, everyone is gathered in the red hall watching the video class videos from the past two weeks! Soon, we’ll gather in the backyard for evening meeting and then enjoy a delicious Mexican style dinner. We’ll meet back at the gazebo this evening for one of my all time favorite evening programs- Kim and Reggie! I’ll be sure to give you all the details tomorrow.

That’s all for today! Enjoy photos from sharing night, pool activities, and the fireworks from the other night!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Cara B. Ner

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