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Sharing Night and… BABY FOOD!

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Good Evening!

It’s been a long day for Sadie the Llama- she’s sorry to be posting so late into the evening but boy has it been busy around these parts! Let’s start with yesterday… at evening meeting last night we had BABY FOOD! You heard me right folks. The baby food was brought out and we had many eager volunteers to do some taste testing. It was outrageously wonderful. You’ve gotta check out those pics!

After that we all headed to the rec hall stage for Sharing Night! There were acts from our typical performance classes: dance, acapella, ukulele, the play and the musical! But there were also acts from classes like: boating and mountain biking! Boating brought items that they had found on the bottom of the lake and did some reenactments from the class! Mountain biking displayed their biking skills for us by cruising down Tipi Hill! It was incredible!

There’s also pictures from Rock Band’s performance yesterday afternoon! Check it all out!

-Sadie the Llama

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