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Sharing Night: All Star Performances Here at HVC

Monday, July 21st, 2014


Hello all! Lady of the Lake here, with news about more performances and our amazing lazy day today!

Last night was Sharing Night, where campers in all different classes showed off what they’ve been working on for the past two weeks. There was highly talented cheer and tumbling to start us off on the right foot (and at some points, no feet at all!). Of course, there was plenty of spectacular dance performances throughout the night, too. We were privy to a tap dance to Thriller, complete with the dancers dressed up as pink zombies. We saw spunky jazz, sleek modern, and graceful ballet. In addition, we saw (and participated in!) exercise dance classes like Zumba and Aerobic Dance. Those classes got the entire Rec Hall up and dancing away to the contagious music.

We also heard quite the amazing selection of music. The ukelele class treated us to splendid renditions of both I’m Yours, by Jason Mraz, and You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. The HVC band, an experimental musical crew, performed a skit with jungle noises and spooky carnival noises. The Songwriting class, announcing that their band name was “We’re Awesome, Whatever,” performed their new song, “I’m a Carnivore.”

Our video classes (and Community) all showed off incredible cinematographic and editing skills, including a clay-mation video!  An archery class even joined in with an exciting video of their own.

We also had some other very notable performances last night. Blind art demonstrated their blind artistic abilities with blind face painting. Theater games hosted a zany dinner party improv game that incorporated members from the audience. That sure got all of camp involved! Campers from the creative writing class, with bongos to accompany them, read out poems about all sorts of crazy and thoughtful things – our ropes director, llamas, counselors, and thinking about your words. Liquid Smoke, arguably the most mysterious class on camp, gave an elusive look into their class. We got zero answers, and now have so many more questions!  We also had knittin’ with kittens, which modeled their knitted designs – including a sweater vest and cape – on the cutest models of all – kittens!

Really, it was such a fabulous night of performance and art, wackiness and entertainment.

Today, we had a birthday party themed lazy day for the older half and roller skating for the younger half. The birthday party had all sorts of festive celebratory activities, including a photo booth, karaoke to lots of great pop tunes, birthday basketball and tag, party hat creating and decorating, and perhaps the biggest hit of all, cookie decorating. We all got to partake in one big, massive, birthday party on this fine day!

There will be more news and pictures to come of the birthday party and rollerskating, in addition to pictures from tonight’s performance, the musical!

Soon, everyone will be headed to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun at pool activities. Be sure to check back in tomorrow and take a look at all the pictures from yesterday!


Lady of the Lake

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