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Sharing A Message from Peter & Meg and Sharing Night!

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Happy Valhalla girls

Hello Everyone,

 A brief message from us (Meg and Peter) before we turn you over to our regular correspondents…

 This evening’s Sharing Night marked the conclusion of the first half of the July session at camp and proved to be a splendid occasion.  Dance performances, improv, guitar, singing and ukulele and brief presentations from classes as varied as American Sign Language, Outdoor Survival 101 and How to Be a Pop Star… All of these performances showed our campers at their most brave, creative and expressive.

 Prior to the show, we spoke with the group about another accomplishment of this camp community…  The success in bringing together a group of 350+ staff and campers who have worked hard in activities, supported one another in cabin life and taken joy in the many common experiences we all share day to day. We have a lot to be proud of!

 Now we turn to the next days ahead as we welcome a few more campers and choose classes for the next two weeks. These activities include the usual HVC offerings as well as some new options such as Advanced Ropes (wherein children will learn to belay one another), Stomp!, Still Life Painting 2017, and Zombie 101 (who knows!?)

 All of this gets started on The Laziest Lazy Day of Them All and here’s Olive Oyl to walk you through what today has in store.

 Many thanks once again for your support of our amazing camper group,

Peter & Meg

“Love” in ASL

Good morning, one and all! Olive here to give you a rundown of today’s excitement and recap of last night’s amazing acts.

 Before yesterday evening’s performances, we got to hear from the rock band classes at lunch. We all gathered around the gazebo and got to see an incredible group of campers rock out to Another Brick in the Wall, Seven Nation Army, and Last Night. It was the perfect way to get us celebrating the end of classes and excited about more to come for the evening ahead.

 Last night was a whirlwind of music, dance, comedy, silliness and seriousness. It was so awesome to see all the hard work that everyone’s put in the past two weeks and all that we’ve learned and accomplished in our classes. The night was run by our fabulous MC’s, Andy and Clara, who were our “Dads” for the evening, telling corny jokes and puns galore.

 Right now we’re finishing up breakfast and about to start morning meeting, after which we’ll head down to the pool for an extra special pool activities. While we’re down at the pool we’ll also be doing class sign ups, getting our yearly HVC t-shirt, and grabbing a book from the book drive. And for our new campers arriving today, we’ll also be taking a dip in the pool for a swim eval and getting our heads checked and chatting with the nurses. This afternoon we’ll get to spend some time with our cabins for a cabin day activity– how fun! More details on what every cabin is up to later.

 I’m off to lounge by the pool…be sure to check out all the awesome sharing night photos and stay tuned for more news later today!

 So long,


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