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Saturday Caturday

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Fun with the kittens at the Zoo Dance!

What’s up, everybody? It’s me, Luna Bug, back for some more chat about everything HVC.

Last night we had the wacky and fun Zoo Dance over at the Rec Hall. Everybody got dressed up as their animal or zoo related character of choice, whether it be cat or lion or turtle or zoo keeper. There was tons of dancing with DJ Kaytee L. on the ‘pod, but if dancing wasn’t your thing there was a lot more activities for everyone to do. Among those activities there was also a Meet the Animals bunny circle/animal pen hang out, Foxes and Rabbits tag, animal charades, animal masks, face paint, Doggy Doggy Where’s Your Bone?, and an animal mural that everyone helped paint. It was a gorgeous evening for a semi indoor and semi outdoor dance, and the perfect way to end the 4th day of classes.

Today is the 5th day of classes, and we welcomed the day with Egg Bar! Everyone grabbed their plates, waited in line, grabbed some toast, ordered their eggs, and got not one, not two, but three potential pieces of bacon!

On top of it being the 5th day of classes it is also Jake Day today. Named after a former legendary counselor Jake Durett who revolutionized our video program at HVC, Jake Day is the day where each cabin gets a moment to line up at the base of tipi hill, sing a cabin cheer, and shout our names loud and proud! It is recorded and then compiled into a video that’s sent out to all the families and counselors in the middle of the winter to quell our camp-sick blues. The day got going bright and early with Lower Carriage House singing and chanting at 7am, and continuing on with the different cabins through breakfast.

And on top of it being the 5th day of classes and Jake Day, it is also Saturday Caturday! Today was the first of its kind, led by our counselor Joe. Plenty of cat garb was donned, and there was even a cat stuffed animal in attendance.

After all that buzz before and during breakfast, we settled into morning meeting to hear the usual announcements and songs to get our day going. Then, it was off to first period and another day of classes!

Tonight is the staff talent show which is going to be a super fun night of watching our very own counselors do usually impressive, sometimes ridiculous things. Rumor has it there’s a boy band in town…

Before you go, make sure to check out photos from today’s morning meeting and from the dance last night!

Smell ya later!


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