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Safe and Sound and Ready To Go!

Saturday, June 28th, 2014


Greetings, friends! Olive Oyl here with your final Arrival Day update!

Our New York and Boston bus-ers have arrived safely and soundly just in time for an informational and hilarious camp meeting and then a delicious dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, salad, and some carrot cake to top it all off. After dinner we made our way to the Rec Hall for Opening Night skits, where we learned all about the classes being offered over the next two weeks. All of this information was shared by our counselors and awesome MCs, who played a group of kids who went into a Narnia-esque door and ended up in various other movie sets, such as The Pink Panther, The Titanic, and Jurassic Park. Pete and Meg made sure to say a big goodnight to all of our campers as the PDs announced a bed time, followed by a gorgeous wave of “silent ups” throughout the Rec Hall.

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day, with cabins rotating around five main activities: the lake for swim evaluations, the health lodge for general camp health info, lice checks, and photos, a camp tour, and finally, class signups! There will also be an extra long rest hour and some free time throughout the day, giving cabins a time to settle in and fully unpack from today’s big move. Tomorrow night’s evening program is Pine Grove, where cabins will share music, stories, and laughs, settling us in the beautiful nature of Hidden Valley and the camp spirit of kindness and silliness that we’ll continue throughout the summer.

I’m off to get some sleep before our busy day tomorrow! Be sure to check out the photos of bus arrivals and opening night skits!

So long,




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