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Rejuvenated and Ready to Rock!

Friday, July 8th, 2016
Video Class fun!

Video Class fun!

After yesterday’s superrrrr lazy day, there is a calm energy that has swept over the camp. It is great to see all of the new faces as well as we welcome the new two-weekers, and I love to see all of the camp spirit with the new HVC t-shirts campers got yesterday! Go camp!!!

In other news, today we are recharged and ready to start new classes! There are so many fun new classes for these next two weeks including nature hiking/”onefulness,” slow-motion destructive art, Xtreme art, spy kids, spoken poetry, a cooking class called “Berry Berry Good Summer,” fanzine, HVC warriors and more! “Onefulness” includes nature art, nature appreciation, hiking, and more. Slo-mo destructive art is destroying things in slow motion while making art…how funny was it when Moses poured water on Rob’s head as an example!! Looked refreshing! Fanzine is making mini magazines with poetry, pictures, writings, drawings, paper clippings, etc, that show an appreciation for something, whether it be television show or family member. HVC Warriors is a fun exercise course as campers pretend to be training to be warriors. We also have a bunch of classes called “minis” in which campers get a chance to dip their toe in the waters of classes and can take two four-day classes in for one period, switching after the four days. Wanna take mountain biking AND glass beads second period? Now you can! How great for us indecisive or very excited people!

Also, tonight is electives! Electives is a fun evening program in which counselors host events for campers to come join for the evening. You could think of it as EXTREME interest groups. Baking cookies in the barn? Dance party in the old dance studio? Pool party at the pool? Sign me up!! We will keep you updated and post photos tomorrow on how that goes. Also, we will have an update on Community tomorrow to tell you all about the hip-happenings up at Blodgett House!

Peace, love, and sunshine!!

Miss Melody

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