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Proposals, a Wedding… Mystery is in the Air!

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Fun with goop!

Fun with goop!

Hi folks!

There’s mystery in the air, that’s for sure! Last night’s meeting was full of surprises. In the middle of meeting, as announcements were carrying on as usual, one of our counselors stood up and made a shocking announcement: he asked another counselor to marry him! Bridesmaids surrounded the soon to be bride, giggling and beginning wedding planning. The camp was left completely stunned. They could tell it was some kind of theatrical performance and not actually a real proposal… but they couldn’t figure out what it was for…

We resumed normal meeting activities until Peter announced that it was time to eat some baby food! As per camp tradition, Peter selected lucky volunteers of campers, AWACs, and counselors from the crowd to taste some delectable baby food. Prime flavors included ham and ham gravy, prunes, and lasagna and meat sauce dinner. Blindfolded participants tried to guess the flavor they were eating while the audience looked on in a combination of intrigue and utter disgust. Some volunteers were fortunate enough to get an extra helping of baby food – either through a large spoon, a bucket poured on their head, or in the case of one staff member, a tractor dumping of a jelly goop concoction. Yuck!

After that appetizing end to meeting, we all headed off to our real dinner. Let me tell you, we all enjoyed the taste of that meal a whole lot more. We had an amazingly cooked and savory Mediterranean chicken, with olives, cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. To complement the chicken, we had fresh greens and delicious cheesy, buttery scalloped potatoes. For dessert, we had unbelievable raspberry rhubarb oatmeal bars.

Post dinner, cabins headed off in separate directions. The youngest cabins participated in Candy Crush, where they worked to find colorful balls hidden all around camp. They faced challengers that made them do all sorts of crazy things. The campers were working to save Grandma Nut, who was facing deep competition from Lord Liquorish. Lord Liquorish was plotting to steal all of Grandma Nut’s candy! The Lord also had oompa loompas, in the form of AWACs, who also worked to take the balls away. It was an exciting night of working to help out Grandma Nut!

Meanwhile, the middle girls had a Newspaper Fashion Show! The kids worked to make a costume for one of their counselors or AWACs out of just newspaper and tape. When the designing and creating was complete, the cabins gathered in the Rec Hall for an exciting fashion show, complete with fabulous music and strutting.

The middle boys cabins, Lower Carriage House and Chateau Fiasco, headed out to Belfast for a surprise Candlepin Bowling trip! The crew had a fantastic time showing off their bowling skills.

Finally, the oldest four cabins headed up to our Blodgett House to have a teen party. Blodgett is about a mile down camp road and is where the campers and counselors in our Community program lived last session. There, they got ice cream with great toppings, like sprinkles, chocolate sauce, nuts, and strawberry sauce. The campers spent the evening relaxing and hanging out. There were intense games of soccer and frisbee, rousing games of banana grams, and a lot of fun had by all. At the end of their evening Carrick, one of the counselors who ran the Community teen program last year, spoke with the group about the program and encouraged them to think about it as an option for next year or the year after. Then the crew walked the trail back to camp, and joined the rest of camp in snuggling into bed.

This beautiful morning, we were all greeted by the traditional Bagel Sunday, and more mysterious occurrences. At meeting this morning, we witnessed the “wedding” of the two counselors who supposedly got engaged last night. The bride wore a stunning wedding dress, and the groom was all cleaned up for the occasion. The two drove the ladybug golf cart off into the sunset for their honeymoon. Rumor has it that this all has to do with the Wheel of Misfortune, coming tonight. Word on the street is that the theme of the Wheel is Honeymoon from Hell…

We’ll definitely have to stay alert for what happens tonight!


Lady of the Lake

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