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Priorities and Pizza (Oven)!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014


Greetings, earthlings! Olive Oyl here with my new trusty sidekick Lady of the Lake!

Things have been moving along with staff training- our waterfront team is officially certified at both the lake and the pool and the ropes staff has been working on their emergency drills. Our horse crew are also working hard caring for and training the beautiful horses. We’ve been holding priorities, which are our specialized trainings, in our various other areas of camp such as glass beads, animal care, and theater. We’ve also had a group sanding down mugs in preparation for glazing, a special project that all counselors get to be a part of. The pizza oven project is progressing, with the crew lighting a fire to cure the bricks on the inside and making sure it’s even with no hot spots. The pizza oven is sure to be a huge hit once campers arrive and it can be used on cabin nights or for electives.

The sun poked its head out this afternoon, a nice treat after a damp morning. The weather is expected to continue to be sunny and bright, going along with our sunny and bright spirits as the staff get to know each other and bond as a community of co-workers and friends.

Tonight is Big Circle Night, which is sure to be a wonderful time for self-reflection and setting goals for the summer. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as staff training continues and we anxiously await for arrival day!

Forever yours,

Olive and the Lady

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