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Presenting…Staff Talent and Cabin Themes!!!

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Friday, June 23rd, 2023 

Greetings and salutations! 

Drills have abounded across camp! The staff in archery, mountain biking, and the lifeguards have all been working hard and successfully completed their drills. 

Earlier this week, staff flocked to the rec hall for the Staff Talent Show! The evening began with an informative and comical camp talkshow and a viewing of Internationals, a satirical short film about culture shock at camp. And then the main event: The Staff Talent Show. 

Audience members followed four motivated counselors through their construction endeavors as performing counselors showed off their incredible talents. The rec hall was alive with talent!

There were multiple tear-jerking guitar ballads and a soulful performance of a camp classic, Riptide. The music was accompanied by several forms of dance, including a solo dance jam and group interpretive number and soaring acrobatic piece. Numerous snacks needed to be ‘fixed’, lassos were swung and camp-related jokes relayed, ending with a heartwarming dance party to the classic Dancing Queen

As ABBA sings: “You can dance / You can jive / Having the time of your life.” We’re counting down the days until our own campers dance and jive down camp road on arrival day…and have the time of their lives!!!!

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…HERE ARE THE 1ST SESSION CABIN THEMES!

LCH: Woodchucks

Avalon: Animals

Loons: Tycoons

Bermuda Triangle: Baywatch

Chateau Fiasco: Hot Sauce

Forbidden Plant: Kitchen

Wombles: Wavy Wombles

French Quarter: Fantasy

Paquatahnee: Peas

Muskingum: Mousekateers

Valhalla: Violets

Camelot: Camelot of Butterflies

Fiddler’s Green: Fiddler’s Greens

Shangri-La: Shakes

Taj Majal: Taj Mahowdy

Haley’s Comet: Horseshoes

Community: Communitrees

With fiery anticipation, 

The Dining Hall Dragon 

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