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PJ Day Galore!!

Saturday, August 7th, 2021

Howdy folks! It’s a lovely morning here at HVC.

The sun is shining, there’s a nice breeze out, and the 1st day of new classes are already off to an amazing start! Yesterday was PJ day and we said goodbye to our 2-week campers. Camp may be a little smaller, but we are still roaring with excitement and energy.

As always on PJ day, campers got to choose what classes they were interested in taking for the last two weeks of camp. From creative writing, rock band, screen printing, soccer fun, and more, campers had lots of different options to inspire new and old interests. Campers also had cabin activities to round out the day.

Here’s what they got up too:

Loons: Water balloons and the Slip n’ Slide 

Avalon: Tennis Baseball 

Wombels/French 1/4: Building something with Billy!

Gimmie Shelter: Tipi Hill Bowling 

Vahala: TP Zip 

Paquatahnee: Art W/ Philippe 

Shagri-La: Tye Dye 

Bermuda Triangle: Basketball Fun 

Forbidden Planet: Photograms 

Fiddler’s Green: Basketball Fun 

Camelot: Llama Care 

Taj: Watercolor Postcards 

Haley’s Comet: Filmed a music video 

The Alive cabin went out on a special excursion and made incredible beach art! See the pictures below to see their awesome creatives. 

To end the night, campers got a live performance from Peter Boie! Check out the pictures below.

With that said, I’m off to make some beach art of my own!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!



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