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Pizza Daze and Lifeguard Craze!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016




Hello hello hello! Humming Bird here to give you the chirp about everything going on at camp! We’ve enjoyed a quiet few days, as new and old counselors alike have mozied their way on up to Freedom, Maine! Our future lifeguards have filtered into camp– we had 24 new staff members arrive yesterday! And what do you do with 24 new staff members? Why, you make them pizza of course!! We come from different countries around the world, but we all speak the universal language of pizza! Enjoy these pictures of our growing staff enjoying some beautiful pizza pies made in our very own pizza oven!

Speaking of food, the last few weeks we, the early staff, have not had the luxury of Chris and Lillian’s bountiful cooking. We’ve had to make do with our own culinary skills. We were lost with no hope of salvation until Stephen (returning to camp for his third summer) walked down Camp Road like a shining beacon of light! Stephen has cooked every meal for the last three weeks, keeping our bellies happy and our plates full as our staff has grown from 7 measly members to 70 satiated people. He has truly shown himself worthy as a chef, so naturally he deserved a chef’s hat! Check out the picture below. And while you’re at it, take a look at how our staff has grown! This morning we crowded onto the picnic tables as a group for our first meeting with all the lifeguards– and that’s not all! Our ropes and horse staff will be arriving today! Can’t wait to see how our staff grows and evolves in the next week or so!

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin our specialty training!

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