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Packing Up Luggage and Memories!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Valhalla having a dance party!

Greetings, bloggers! Cara B. here with a marvelous packing day update.

Last night after a ravioli dinner, we had the Fair Day dance! Everyone had a blast dancing, hanging out, and signing each other’s white books. This morning, we woke up to the classic packing day breakfast of yummy, warm cinnamon rolls- score!  We had our final morning meeting in the front yard where we went over luggage labeling, proper packing protocols for art projects and valuables, and a huuuggeee lost and found walkthrough. Campers staying for intersession had a meeting to talk about their awesome trips and received a special packing list for the next few days. We heard the final thought de jour, pun of the day, and spirit animal of the day, before packing day commenced.

Back at our cabins, we packed our bags and did a BIG cabin clean- we aired out our mattresses, wiped down our cubbies, and prepared to face our toughest cabin inspectors yet: Peter and Meg and the PDs!! Once we were all packed up and passed cleaning inspection, we headed over to the backyard for a lunch that included Fair Day leftovers- double score! After lunch, we enjoyed a quick rest period and did a special cabin activity with our cabin groups. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Wombles made s’mores

Avalon also made s’mores!

Gimme Shelter decorated cabin t-shirts

Loons more s’mores!

Down Under also decorated cabin t-shirts!

Paquatahnee did Tipi zip!

The Burrow had a 70’s dance party and popped balloons!

Shangri-La signed and decorated their cabin shirts

LCH had a birthday party

French 1/4 decorated cabin t-shirts

Atlantis reenacted the World Cup!

Chateau Fiasco did build and destroy at the end of the world

Treasure Island did an art project reflecting on their time at camp

Fiddler’s Green wrote warm and fuzzies and made custom mason jars

Valhalla also wrote warm and fuzzies and had a dance party!

Camelot made s’mores and signed pictures

Wabanaki made giant friendship bracelets and shared their favorite memories of the summer

Haley’s Comet did horse vaulting

Forbidden Planet played card games and wrote warm and fuzzies

Taj Mahal made s’mores and talked about their favorite memories from the summer

Whew! It all sounds like so much fun! Right now, everyone is gathered in the front yard for a big transportation meeting and luggage move. Afterwards, we’ll chill in the backyard until our final evening meeting of the session.

Tonight is the Lobster Banquet and Closing Pine Grove! We’ll enjoy a special dinner of lobster, chicken parm, or spanakopita served to us by our counselors! There will also be Ben & Jerry’s for dessert, of course, given out by Meg and Sandia in all of their cow-suited glory. Once our bellies are full, we’ll gather at the bottom of Tipi Hill to walk up to Pine Grove in silence guided by torch light. There, we’ll have a big bonfire to close out the session and celebrate the wonderful community we created this month with stories and songs. We’ll end the night with a candle lighting procession in order to say goodbye to everyone at camp before we depart tomorrow. It should be an absolutely beautiful evening- Mama Iguana and I will be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, you’ll hear from us bright and early! We have a 4:45am wake up in order to grab breakfast and get everyone sorted before the buses leave. Stay tuned for all the latest from departure day tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from the Fair Day Dance, packing day, and cabin activities!

Later, gators!

Cara B. Ner


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