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Packing, Pine Grove, and Plenty of Lobster

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
French Quarter's cabin activity!

French Quarter’s cabin activity!

Howdy, folks! Olive Oyl here with the Packing Day scoop.

We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast of freshly baked cinnamon buns, hash browns, and fruit. We then gathered together for our epic camp meeting, where we first off thanked all of our amazing counselors and staff members for all their hard work this summer. They received beautiful bright roses, hugs, and notes from the directors. We then discussed the essentials of packing day: cleaning and packing. We went over how to air out our mattresses, clean our cubbies, and find the mates to our lonely socks this past month. After hearing all this important information, we dispersed to pick up art projects, meds, and valuables to pack away before tomorrow morning.

We then headed back to our cabins for a super cabin clean and final pack before fueling up on some lunch. We munched on mac and cheese, salad, onion rings, and cous cous salad. We then took a relaxing rest period before our final cabin day activities. Every cabin did something fun and unique all over camp.

Avalon made paper planes and Loons made, and set off, a smoke bomb in Deer Meadows field. Wombles did an egg drop in the Tree House and LCH went on a hike to the Old Stone Bridge and then went down the Tipi Zip. Chateau Fiasco built a raft from only duct tape and what they could find at the End of the World, which they then took down to the lake. Bermuda Triangle had a challenge scavenger hunt all over camp that ended in ice cream. Forbidden Planet took a hike past Tom’s Trail to the Lost Car to find their Forbidden shirts…awesome!

The Burrow had a gymnastics party in the Rec Hall and did a closing circle activity. Down Under did warm and fuzzies (writing sweet notes) and had a dance party in the Old Dance Studio. French Quarter explored their artistic side with body tracing and Paquatahnee played backyard games and did warm and fuzzies with a cabin photo. Shangri-La shared yarn bracelets and played blob tag while Camelot signed pillowcases. Fiddler’s Green also made yarn bracelets and Valhalla made t-shirts in the Foothills. Finally, Taj Mahal signed warm and fuzzies on a cabin photo and had a candy party. Overall, it was an exciting afternoon that gave cabins an opportunity to reminisce on good times this summer and to create more memories with their bunkmates and counselors before we all head off tomorrow.

So many awesome things are lined up for the rest of the day. First off, we’re currently having our Major League Luggage Meeting, where campers figure out where to place their luggage this afternoon so that it ends up in the right bus, car, or van tomorrow morning. After this big move, we’ll have evening meeting before the…drumroll please…Lobster Banquet! We’ll feast on mussels, lobster, (or chicken, spanakopita, or pasta, for those of us who don’t eat seafood), and of course, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We all can’t wait to see Meg come out in her cow costume!

After this delightful meal, we’ll take the lovely walk up to the top of Tipi Hill for our Pine Grove ceremony. It’s sure to be a beautiful evening of music, stories, and old camp traditions. And we’ll get to say goodbye to every person on camp with the candle-lighting ceremony. Pine Grove is always a wonderful way to wrap up the summer, giving us time to reflect on our experiences this summer–the art, friendships, and loving community that we’ve all created.

More to come tomorrow! Be sure to check out pictures as always.

Lots of love,

Final cabin day activities this afternoon and festivities this morning:

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