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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


Hi Kittens! Cat Nap here giving you the scoop on all things Packing Day! Camp started the day by sleeping in with a half hour later wake up! Those extra z’s definitely came in handy when campers had to pack all their things away, and do their SUPER.CABIN.CLEANUP. Now you may ask: Cat Nap, what is a super cabin cleanup? And I would be happy to tell you kittens! Super Cabin Cleanup is when each cabin does a top to bottom, corner to corner, every inch of the cabin, cleanup SO next session’s campers can move into a clean and beautiful cabin like first session’s campers did.

As fun as cleaning is, everyone needs a break every once in a while amirght? Heres a list of all the super fun last cabin activities each cabin did!:

Wombles: Tipi Zip and Mafia
Avalon: Pizza Oven Fun!
Lower Carriage House: Dance Party
Loons: Rube Goldberg Machine Construction
Bermuda Triangle: Magic and Music
Chateau Fiasco: Creek Walk and Rock Sculptures
Wabanaki: Yoga
Forbidden Planet: Bonfire
Down Under: Tie-Dye T-Shirts
Gimme Shelter: Ice Cream at Super Scoops
Paquatahnee: People Posters
French Quarter: T-Shirts
Fiddler’s Green: Baking Cookies
Shangri-La: Handprint Pillowcases
Valhalla: Compliment Books
Camelot: Writing Letters to Each Other
Dear Meadows: Time Capsules
Taj Mahal: T-Shirt Swim
Halley’s Comet: Obstacle Course and Closing Circle

Now onto the best part of the day: LOBSTER BANQUET! Humming Bird and I live for this day. The salads, yummy baked potatoes, and of course the lobster! Once everyone enjoyed a delicious meal, thats when the fun really began. To summon the spirit of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream each and every person in the dining hall must bang their hands on the table and scream, creating an insane vibration throughout the dining hall. Then Meg and Holden magically appeared wearing cow costumes! Holding the beloved ice-cream in bags for each cabin!

After Dinner with full bellies, camp made their way to the bottom of Tipi Hill to make their final tip up for closing pinegrove. The night was filled with classic camp songs, even some new songs, and memories from the past few weeks.

Once the number of performances got lower, cabins made their way to receive candles for the candle lighting ceremony. The candle lighting ceremony is when each person on camp has a candle, and with this candle each person gets to say goodbye to every person on camp by creating a line and touching candles. Once you get to the end of the line, you just add on so the person behind you in the line can say goodbye too. Watching the row of brightly lit candles from the bottom of Tipi Hill was one of me and Humming Bird’s favorite parts of the day.

Check back in tomorrow for departure day updates, and then again on arrival day, Saturday, for some of the craziness that will begin our second session of the 2015 summer!

Have a purr-fect evening!

– Cat Nap

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