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Packing Day!

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Hi there! 

In case you missed our last post, yesterday was Fair Day!!! The day was full of fun including the road race, the basketball game, session slideshow, and the epic FAIR DAY DANCE!!  

Today, meanwhile, is Packing Day…i.e. the day of the session where we find out how many socks are actually hiding under our beds. Special thanks to Al. Derek and their team today who moved the luggage from all over camp to their starting transportation places!

Though the day may have called for a touch of labor, we’ve kept the energy and spirits alive as we’ve savored our final moments together for the summer, including during closure-inciting afternoon cabin activities.

Here’s a rundown: 

LCH: Cards and candy 

Avalon: Tetherball 

Loons: Zipline 

Bermuda Triangle: Creek walk to a cabin in the woods 

Forbidden Planet: Chill and vibe out 

Wombles: Cabin Talent Show 

French Quarter: Note-writing 

Paquatahnee: Picture decorating 

Muskingum: Telestrations 

Valhalla: Karaoke 

Camelot: Dance Party and Collage Making

Fiddler’s Green: Momento Making 

Shangri-La: Glazing with Lexi 

Haley’s Comet: Trail Ride 

In the meantime, we’re all looking forward to our hotly-anticipated dinner: The Lobster Banquet!! When the iconic hour strikes, many campers (and staff) will indulge in some of Maine’s finest lobster (with delectable chicken parm and spanakopita for the others) followed by scoops of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – specially delivered HVC fashion! (Keep an eye out for footage!)

Following the feast, we’ll walk up the hill in silence to gather for our heartfelt closing Pinegrove ceremony. Each cabin will share or lead the camp in a song as we sit around a simmering fire and soak in these last precious moments as a community. As is tradition, the moving evening will sum up with the candle-holding procession where campers will nod farewell to everyone else as they celebrate and commemorate this exceptional summer.

Thank you First Session: it’s been an absolute pleasure witnessing and recording these lifelong memories for you all. Wishing everyone a spectacular (and restful) rest of summer!!


The Dining Hall Dragon

P.S. See photos below!


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