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Our lazy day was pretty gross…..

Saturday, July 13th, 2019


Goooood morning, friends and folks! Hummingbird here with your Saturday update! Let’s talk about the lazy day yesterday!

Older half hopped on the bus to go GLOW BOWLING yesterday morning following a delicious croissant breaky in the dining hall. They bowled, they jammed out to some rockin’ music, and they munched on some french fries before packing up to return to camp.

Meanwhile on camp, the younger half got GROSS at GROSS DAY!! We had a gross obstacle course, condiment twister, a shaving cream hair salon, coke and mentos science experiments, a yucky mystery box, colorful slip n slide, and slime making!! Of course, we also had our tranquility zone for campers who prefer not to be sticky 🙂 At the end of all the messiness and yuckies, campers determined the absolutely most disgustingest grossiest camper, who then got DUNKED with MORE grossness!! And then we all cleaned ourselves off and got un-gross 🙂

After the morning’s activities everybody enjoyed a delicious lunch made by Chris, Lilian, Mike, and the kitchen staff, and headed back to clean up the cabins, write some letters, read, make friendship bracelets, and generally chill out! This was followed by a very special showing of CHICKEN RUN!! We were all pretty hungry after watching…. so we enjoyed a beautiful dinner before heading out to the Half Moon Jug Band! They played all our favorite songs like Tuna Noodle and The Cat Came Back! Who could resist dancing?? Not I! Treasure Island and French Quarter even got to go onstage and sing with them!! Meanwhile, some of our oldest campers enjoyed cabin activities! Wabanaki played water polo at the pool, Taj Mahal chilled out and played some games on the soccer field, and Forbidden Planet had a campfire!

Some campers weren’t on camp at all for the lazy day! Our HVA lite class took a trip to the Kennebec river to go white water rafting!! Take a look at some pictures from their adventure!

It was a super fun lazy day yesterday (made even more fun when campers got their FIVE YEAR VESTS!!!) and we are excited to get back to our regularly scheduled classes today! A little routine is much appreciated, especially after spending a day coated in mustard!

I’m off to get some leftover shaving cream out of my feathers… it just doesn’t come out!

Always just a little gross,

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