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Our Last Sharing Night and Lazy Day!

Monday, August 13th, 2018

Bethany’s contemporary class

Greetings from Mama Iguana! I hope you all have had a greeeat day because we sure have here at HVC! Last night was sharing night including rock band and some of our final valleyfest acts. Let’s take a look at all that happened yesterday!

We had a spectacular night with so many talented sharing night acts! The night started off with our rock band classes performing. Campers were on guitar, bass, holding the mic, playing the keyboard, and rocking out in the audience! After rock band, we enjoyed a few of our acts outside to take advantage of the beautiful night we had here at HVC. Our salsa and jazz classes performed, performance art put on a hilarious act while eating ice cream (those lucky ducks!), ukuleles were strummed, and much more! Our outside acts ended with our gymnastics class jumping, flipping, and rolling across the mats!

The night continued as we headed into the rec hall for the rest of the sharing night acts, along with some valleyfest acts that we saved for last night! The contemporary class put on a beautiful dance, Disney singing sung some Disney classes, and the night ended with some upbeat dancing music sung by Kieran from Gimme Shelter. All in all, it was an absolutely amazing night and it was so wonderful seeing all the talent campers have here at HVC!

This morning, we began our final lazy day of the summer! The younger half hopped on buses to go glow bowling and the older half got to sleep in and enjoy a lazy day at camp. The younger half bowled strikes, spares, and gutter balls and got a special snack while they were playing: french fries and soda! The older half hung out here and had a music festival themed day, Valleyroo! There was karaoke, body painting, flower crown making, and chilling with friends! After an event-filled morning for both halves of camp, everyone spent the afternoon at the pool swimming, signing white books, and going on the slip ‘n slide! It’s been a relaxing afternoon for everyone and a great way to end the last lazy day of the summer!

Tonight we will have pizza night and watch the musical! Everyone in the cast has been working very hard for tonight and I can’t wait to see it! Tomorrow is fair day!!!! The day starts off with the Brumby show, the show put on by our horse program this four weeks, and then everyone heads to the fair! There will be more updates on the musical and fair day tomorrow, but for now, check out photos from Sharing night and the lazy day!

Peace out, river trout!

Mama Iguana

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