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Our Clawed Creature Friends and More Friends To Come!

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 

Happy Saturday! 

It is the last day of staff training! We are officially counting down the hours until arrival day. Today, early arrival campers are beginning to arrive from across America and overseas! They will be sleeping in their cabins tonight and can’t wait for all of their cabinmates to join them very soon. 

Speaking of arrivals…yesterday, the AWACs arrived!!! AWAC stands for Awaiting Work As a Counselor! These awesome members of the HVC community are a bit younger than counselors and will work in the younger and middle cabins. All of the AWACs have been campers in previous summers and hold much wisdom about the routines and traditions of HVC. AWACs also assist in teaching classes and running interest groups. 

Last night was the Lobster Banquet!!! This classic camp dinner happens at the end of staff training and each session’s end. Staff indulged in Maine’s reputable lobster and some delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

Following the scrumptious dinner, the staff headed up The Hill to Pinegrove. Just a short hike away from the camp road is a fire pit encircled by tree stump chairs. There, camp comes together with song and reflection in the peace of the trees. There will be a Pinegrove at the beginning and end of each session. We can’t wait to hear all of your beautiful voices at Opening Pinegrove on Monday! 

See you on arrival day! 

The Dining Hall Dragon 


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