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Older Half Gets Beachy & Younger Half Takes a Walk on the Wild Side!!

Monday, August 8th, 2016


Today was a lovely trip-lazy day as all of camp enjoyed the amazing weather that Maine has to offer this time of year!

Older half took a trip to Lake St. George while younger half stayed on camp and participated in The Great Zoo Escape!

The lake offered some relaxation and fun while campers got to make friendship bracelets, read books, and play soccer among other things. That is when they weren’t swimming of course!! Our amazing lifeguards made sure that the kids were happy and safe while they cooled off and went for a swim.

Back on camp younger half participated in all of the exciting activities that were offered! These included an obstacle course run by the AWACs, a penguin slide (slip n’ slide), face painting, and pin the horn on the unicorn to name a few! After these lazy day activities younger half got the chance to hang out by the pool and have some fun there!

Overall a vey successful day and more to come as the session continues!

Thanks for reading!

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