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~ Oh, How Lovely is Packing Day ~

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

Hi there!

If you can believe it, we’ve made it to Packing Day, which means it’s coming to a close…(cue the sentimental music)!

Yesterday evening, we had a thrilling and heartwarming time dancing and singing as well as hanging out and immersing ourselves in the effervescent summer vibes in the backyard during the Fair Day Dance – see photos below!!

This morning, we rose half an hour later for a leisurely al-fresco breakfast with our cabins before gathering in the Front Yard for the last Morning Meeting of the summer!

In addition to our morning staples (e.g. Groups, Announcements, Thought du Jour and our designated Birthday announcer, a jolly skunk this past week), there were some special heartfelt additions including gestures of appreciation for all of our standout counseling, pro, office and PD alongside nursing, cleaning and maintenance staff this summer (and for a handful, countless summers prior), and of course Peter and Meg.

Afterwards, campers finalized their admirable packing efforts to prepare for their homeward journeys before populating the backyard one last time with that singular infectious energy for lunch and then reinhabiting the cabins for rest period and fun closure-inducing daytime cabin activities around camp.

This afternoon after a logistics-powered transportation meeting, we’re getting ready to end the day in the best and iconic way: the annual Lobster Banquet + Closing Pinegrove!

For the first affair, the dining hall and campers will be jazzed up with table cloths and patterned bibs respectively for a feast starring the vibrant crustaceans (or delectable chicken parm or greek-style spanakopita for those contrarily inclined) and pints of Ben & Jerry’s distributed via a certain cow-costumed individual emerged from her planet!!

In the aftermath, campers and their counselors will walk up the big hill in meditative silence and take seats around the blazing fire in the shade of the pine trees to witness individual performances by each cabin, usually featuring a parody or two and some poignant choruses.

To close out the evening as well as extend our love and farewells to each other, the ceremony will conclude with the annual bittersweet candle-lighting procession during which every camper will have the chance to share a personal greeting to every other. It’s projected to be a beautiful night for this soulful experience… 

We’ll write tomorrow for the last update (plus photos) – stay well until then 🙂


H.V. Scribe







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