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New Beginnings, Old Traditions

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Rockin’ out at Timmy Night!


Greetings and salutations, one and all! Olive Oyl here with some news on our first day of new classes!

We had an awesome night last night with Timmy Night, where we heard all the rock band classes perform, plus some fun extra tunes and games from Timmy and his crew. We heard a bunch of rocking music from Rock Band, with a revised Lola by the Kinks, which became “Lila,” our awesome camper and lead singer for the evening. We also heard My Own Worst Enemy, Sweet Caroline, and a rockin’ version of the Cotton Eyed Joe. In between we had the awkward game, where campers battled for who could be more awkward on stage. We also had a counselor bad-dancing dance-off. The winners were quite hard to decide, as many of our staff members have a lot of embarrassing moves. We then heard some tunes from Neutral Milk Hotel, Someday by the Strokes, Feel Good, Inc. by Gorrilaz, and some acoustic camp classes, like Wagon Wheel and The Princess Pat. It was a super fun night, with a lot of inspired dancing (in our PJs!) and rocking out outside. Our campers are so musically talented and really know how to put on an entertaining show!

Today is the first day of our new set of classes and we’re super excited! We have a bunch of new programs happening like pinhole photography, hammock making, and HVC hiking. We also have our camp staples like cooking, soccer fun, and glass beads.

Meanwhile, we’re still relishing in our candy drop glory, munching on our bounty sporadically and awaiting the next sugary surprise…Junk Food Day! We’ll see what the stars hold for this sweet day ahead. I’ve also heard some rumors that the distinct sound of a safety seal may be in the air…do I smell baby food? Only time will tell!

Be sure to check out photos of our Korean feast from last week, plus more candy drop gems and Timmy Night!

Lots of Love,


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