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New Arrivals and Pre-Camp Prep!

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Phillie with baby Tui and Elise with puppy Nellie!

Howdy, Folks! Cara here with an update on all that’s been going on at camp.

Some important introductions are in order for some fresh faces at Hidden Valley. Long time HVC-ers Carmi (glass guru) and Phillie (former waterfront director) have a new arrival! Baby Tui was born May 21st, making her the youngest camper at Hidden Valley! Peter and Meg have an addition to their family as well…a brand new PUPPY!! Little Nellie has been exploring HVC and making herself at home along with the other new Hidden Valley doggies- Huxley and Moose. Huxley is horse director Hannah’s dog, and Moose belongs to ropes director David and waterfront director Aileen.

In addition, pre-camp preparations are in full swing! A number of returning counselors and pro staff (and some faithful former staff who are here to help out) are hard at work getting different areas of camp ready for the summer. Yesterday, a group went down to the lake to set up the “H” dock and floating docks, while another set up the yurt in the backyard. The weather has been absolutely beautiful- perfect for a dip in the lake or spending time out in the sun. Horses have been arriving throughout the week and our fabulous horse staff are helping them get acclimated to camp. All of the instruments have been taken out of storage and returned to the recording studio, and our shift heads have begun planning programming for staff training. Camp is becoming less and less quiet; weed-whackers are buzzing, lawn mowers are humming, office phones are ringing, and the ladybugs have been sighted tidying cabins. Staff are enjoying yummy meals prepared in the barn kitchen until more folks arrive and the dining hall opens up. In just a couple days, most of our returning staff will be on site in preparation for a BIG arrival of new staff next week. Everyone is so excited for camp to fill up with friends both new and old!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates once staff training begins- I can hardly wait! For now, enjoy some photos of our new furry friends, baby Tui, and projects around camp.

Lator, gators!

Cara B. Ner

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