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Myths and Beaches and Wonderful Shows!!

Thursday, July 30th, 2015


Greetings, friends! Humming Bird here with updates on this lazy, lazy day!!

The younger half enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach! It was a little foggy when we first arrived, but the sand was soft and perfect for making sandcastles, and the water was cool and refreshing!! We made sandwiches on the beach, and then came on back to camp for ICE CREAM!!! Now the younger half is busy cleaning their cabins, in preparation for cabin inspections!! Check out some awesome pictures of our tremendous beach trip below!!

Meanwhile, the older half stayed on camp today for Myth Busters Day!! We had some super cool myths to bust, like the myth that you can tether a ball in just one punch! Or the myth that Dexter the pig can’t smile! We also tested the myth that mentos will not explode when placed in any soda other than Diet Coke, the fable that there are sharks in our lake (there aren’t) and the ever relevant myth that Jack and Rose could both have fit on that door in Titanic! Some of our myths were tested in our beautiful lake, while others were debunked or confirmed in the backyard!! It was a wonderful day, full of scientific experimentation! Unfortunately the negatives of our photos are being used in another experiment at the moment, so I don’t have them here to show you. But I will be sure to post them tomorrow!!

Tonight we have a super exciting evening program! THE HALF MOON JUG BAND IS HERE AT CAMP AND THEY’RE GOING TO GIVE US OUR OWN CONCERT!! They’re a great, high energy group that sings classic songs like The Cat Came Back, and Tuna Noodle!! I’m sure looking forward to a rolicking good time of dancing around to their lively music! And I hear some campers are even going to perform with them…. Tune in tomorrow for some pictures of the show!!

I look forward to reporting on the Half Moon Jug Band tomorrow, but for now I have a myth of my own to confirm… that birds can eat infinite ice cream with limited negative side effects!! Wish me luck!!

Humming along,

Humming Bird


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