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Munday Funday Festivities

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Happy Tuesday HVC Families,

Yesterday campers had a fantastic Munday Funday, where they got the opportunity to do activities with their cabins, and hang out with members of pro-staff doing fun projects.

This gave the campers a chance to settle in and get to know their cabin-mates before classes began today.

Loons went on a blueberry hike.

Gimme Shelter played ultimate frisbee.

Wombles had a water balloon fight.

French Quarter did bunk tag decorating.

Avalon played tennis baseball.

Paquatahnee had a costume dance party.

Bermuda Triangle made cabin decorations.

Valhalla did rock painting.

Camelot went on a blueberry hike and made blueberry muffins.

Halley’s Comet went on a blueberry hike.

Forbidden Planet baked cookies.

Fiddler’s Green did karaoke.

Shangri-La did watercolor postcards.

Taj Mahal went for a swim at the pool.

All of this and more before classes even started! Today, campers will head to an assortment of classes including mountain biking, glass beads, paddleboarding, and rock band.

As me for me, my online certification class for marriage officiation begins today. Turns out, my cousin needs a last minute fill-in for his wedding and I need another line on my resume.

Gotta go(pher) again. Time to get ordained.


Gopher Girl

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