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More about the (un)Fair Lazy Day!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Down Under hanging out in the duck pond!

Hello all, it’s Mama Iguana here! I am SO excited to tell you all about our amazing lazy day yesterday. We had a great un-fair on camp for the youngest third of camp and the rest of camp went to the Bangor State Fair! It was one amazing day full of prizes and fair puns for our younger cabins!

At the un-fair, campers participated in activities to try and win as many tickets as possible. There was a nomination table at the gazebo with each counselors name written on it. Every time a camper won tickets, they could put a ticket into an envelope to vote on a counselor to get slimed! There were some great activities including spin-the-wheel, ring toss, duck pond, fish bowl, lollipop tree, and pop the balloon! We also had the inflatable slide out, face painting, and ice cream! In the end, James got the winning vote with 593 tickets to get slimed! There was lots of cheering for him and some disappointment from campers who voted for Bethany or Chris. Oh, well… At least they got to see a counselor get slimed!

The older half went to the Bangor State Fair. The campers got wristbands so they could go on an unlimited amount of rides! People were going on the zipper and the fireball and eating fried dough or Oreos. There was a crazy performer who went up a tall ladder, lit himself on fire, and jumped into a pool of water! Don’t worry families, no one was harmed in the making of the event.

Last night, we had an amazing performer Antonio Rocha who told some wonderful stories and did a mime performance. At the end of the night, he threw some invisible balloons to the whole camp and everyone got to tie a balloon to their wrist and bring it back to their cabins. Mine popped, but hopefully everyone’s are still floating around the cabin! Taj Mahal and Forbidden Planet had their own cabin activities. Taj Mahal made cookies and Forbidden Planet watched a movie.

Today is the seventh day of classes. Everyone is starting to finish art projects and practicing for sharing night! Make sure to check out photos from both of our (un)Fair days and Antonio Rocca last night!

See ya later alligator,

Mama Iguana

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