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Moonwalking Our Way to the Space Dance

Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Hey there HVC families!

Happy Bagel Sunday!

Yesterday we had a wonderful space-themed dance! Campers danced the night away along with enjoying “Space (Face) Painting,” hula-hooping using Saturn’s rings, making up alien names, and doing “Space Jam” (basketball).

We had some visitors today on our lazy day at HVC. Chewonki came to camp! Chewonki is a school, camp, and environmental education organization based in Wiscasset, Maine. They do outreach to the surrounding area, including presentations about the creatures we share Maine with and creatures from abroad. They brought live snakes, spiders, and skinks! I learned that (fun fact) a lobster is a bug. These presentations took place after lunch. This morning campers engaged in various activities around the pool!

This evening for evening program we’ll be having Bryson Lang, a comedian, visit HVC. We can’t wait to have a good laugh this evening after a long lazy day.

Tomorrow we will be back on for more classes. I, personally, cannot wait for another day of my own personal burrowing and sleeping classes! Maybe I’ll join the blueberry field fun and make my hole out there.

All around, it was a fabulous day! Don’t forget to check out the photos!

Seven more days until our next Bagel Sunday!


-Gopher Girl

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