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Mission Report: Cabin Night, Mystery Day and Lake St. George are All a Go!

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Shangri-La with tie-dyed hands!

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Cara with a huge update on this fantastic lazy day.

Last night after a thanksgiving-in-July-themed dinner, it was cabin night! Cabin night is an awesome evening program- each cabin does a super special activity just with their cabin group. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Wombles made leather bracelets

Avalon made painting projects

Gimme Shelter swam and had a campfire down at the lake

Loons had a spa night, complete with manicures!

Down Under made stationary paper using shaving cream

Paquatahnee made slime and s’mores

The Burrow took polaroid pictures, played games, and danced to music

Shangri-La did tie-dye and made s’mores

LCH camped out at Tipis

French 1/4 made a hand tree, had a funny photoshoot, and made banana boats

Atlantis did an egg drop

Chateau Fiasco did a glass project and played basketball

Treasure Island also did a glass project

Forbidden Planet cooked their own barbecue dinner and played cards

Fiddler’s Green  tie-dyed shirts and made s’mores

Valhalla made ice cream sundaes and played games

Camelot did build and destroy at the end of the world and made s’mores!

Wabanaki had a spa night

Haley’s Comet did blind cookie making

Taj Mahal made dessert sushi and played ropes games

The Apprentices made pizza at the pizza oven

Whew! How fun does that sound? Hidden Valley was full of campfires and laughter all evening. After a good night’s sleep and a late wake up (cha-ching!), the older half headed off to Lake St. George, Brumby went on a special trip to seahorse stables, and the younger half stayed on camp for mystery day! It was the perfect day for a lake trip- it was super warm and sunny and the water felt amazing. There was frisbee, friendship bracelet making, guitar jams, and a reading circle- everyone had a blast! The older half enjoyed lunch at the lake and then headed back to camp for an extra long rest period and a big cabin clean. Right now, the inspectors are going around to older half cabins to examine all their hard work.

The younger half deep cleaned their cabins in the morning. After our floors were swept and our cubbies were nice and tidy, we put on our spy gear of black clothes, sunglasses, and even headlamps, and headed over to the backyard to receive our mission. Agent Laundry Mat and Agent Tide Pod (from the same agency as the Laundry Deter-Agent) told us that they are in the drop division (the CANDY drop division!!) of their agency, and they forgot where they stored the candy drop candy! They needed our help to figure out where it was based on the clues Tide Pod wrote for himself. Before we could receive the clues, however, campers had to be trained as secret agents, so that they could be trusted with the top secret candy location. Cabin groups rotated through a series of secret agent training stations. Campers had to decode a message, do the tarp and human knot challenges, complete a secret agent obstacle course, create secret messages using white colored pencil and watercolors, complete a memory maze, sneak through security lasers, and escape an escape room! Luckily, all of our agents passed with flying colors, and received the clues. It turns out, the candy was being stored in Timbuktu, one of the art buildings! Tide Pod sped away to re-hide the candy so that no agents would take it all for themselves, just to be safe. He returned with popsicles for everyone to thank all the new agents for helping to solve the mystery of the missing candy! It was the perfect treat after all that hard work on this hot, sunny day.

The younger half had lunch with their cabin groups and headed back to their cabins for rest period and cabin inspection. Now, everyone is hanging out by the pool to cool off. Campers are busy swimming, slip-n’-sliding, playing cards, and making friendship bracelets. Afterwards, we will come back together as a whole camp for evening meeting. We will eat our yummy pizza dinner outside picnic-style and head over to the Rec Hall for the magical-stylings of magician, Peter Boie! I can hardly wait. HVA has been back for a quick on camp the past few days after their canoe trip, and will head off on a hiking trip tomorrow. Stay tuned for photos from the older half at Lake St. George tomorrow, and for now, enjoy some photos from classes, cabin night, Brumby’s trip, HVA, and mystery day!

Over and out!

Cara B. Ner

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