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Meg’s Rodeo News and More Fun Ahead!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

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Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with Hidden Valley news for you!

We’ve had a great start to the day with a fabulous morning meeting, featuring many of our favorite characters, like the Clean Queen, our laundry announcer, and The Birthday Prom Queen, who helps us celebrate birthdays here on camp. We sang the Dutch birthday song, an HVC tradition, in addition to playing the birthday organ, a homemade camp instrument that I’ve heard is mind-blowing. We also heard hilarious Bird Facts from Gimme Shelter and a Thought du Jour (in French!) from Taj. Now we’re off to start another awesome day of classes, with everything from Fishing to Irish Dancing.

We had a great evening last night with Meg’s Rodeo, an old HVC favorite. We gathered in Deer Meadows field and cabins rotated around a bunch of different fun stations. We had Dizzy Bat, Water Balloon Toss, and Rock, Tree, Bridge. We also had Blind Llama Sculpting, which is like pictionary with clay, Elephant March, which involves a tennis ball, a stocking, and knocking down some cups, and Tissue Box Wiggle, where the aim is get as many ping pong balls out of the box by dancing. We also had Sheriff Laugh, where you have to break the Sheriff, and had time to come up with Cabin Cheers for Jake Day later on in the summer.

Our Teen program Community has also been up to a lot of fun lately. They’ve been working in their garden (check out the pics!), volunteering at a nearby nursing home, and today they’re headed to the Mill School to build earth looms. Awesome! They have a program coming up at the Log Cabin, a beautiful spot on camp, and a tonight they’ll be running an elective.

Which leads us to electives tonight! We’ll have a ton of awesome activities that campers can choose from, including Peter’s Secret Tour, Capture the Flag, and Baking Cookies. We can’t wait! There’ll be lots more info and photos to come on that tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks our very first Trip/Lazy day, with the older half going to Lake St. George and the younger half staying on camp for Harry Potter Day! It’s going to be a magical day!



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