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Meet Humming Bird and Hear All About Everything!

Friday, June 19th, 2015


Hi there! I’m Humming Bird, the new reporter for the summer, working with Olive Oyl! It’s a beautiful day on camp to work on our safety drills and more staff training!

Wednesday night’s evening program was Big Circle Night! The staff got to know each other better by talking about our year’s accomplishments, and sharing our goals for the future– what wonderful bonding for our new and returning counselors!

Last night we had a blast with the staff training favorite, the contra dance! We had lively live music and tons of fun dancing with new and old friends. There was lots of sweating and lots of hydration throughout the evening. What a fabulous way to wrap up a busy week of trainings and counseling meetings!

Today is an exciting day as we take our staff trip to Camden for the afternoon! We’ll leave in the early morning and have a picnic lunch at the beautiful Camden State Park. Afterwards, we are free for the day to explore the adorable seaside town or venture other local areas. Staff will enjoy their first official night off and we’ll reconvene on Saturday morning for a day of lesson planning and teacher training. We can’t wait for campers to arrive in almost a week!

Always humming along,

Humming bird & Olive

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