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Many Things to Celebrate Today!

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Lots of smiles for Llamapalooza Day!

Good morning, one and all! Olive here wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July, Aloha Tuesday, Seventh Day of Classes, Three Camper’s Birthdays, HVA’s back and a beautiful sunny day. Woah, that’s a lot! We’ve had a busy few days here on camp with the Candy Drop, classes finishing up, and yesterday’s awesome Lazy Day.

Yes, you heard me right…our amazing crew of adventurers are back from their canoeing trip (90 miles, oh wow!), and we heard all about their travels at meeting. They got the chance to make some glass beads on camp yesterday.

Meanwhile, our younger half stayed on camp for Llamapalooza Day, where we were finally able to enjoy the camp classic without any worry of schvitz. There was a water balloon toss, booty box, obstacle course, rock tree bridge, tic-tac-tobie, dizzy bat, blind llama sculpting, llama spitting, and a station to come up with your own cabin cheer. And of course, we ended with the counselor challenge, which features eating a bowl of cereal (without using your hands), getting “dressed” (in a silly costumed from the rec hall), getting out of your “sleeping bag” (a trash bag), and reciting the alphabet backwards. Phew! Our counselors are one talented bunch. So much fun and a whole day to do it! After lunch, rest period, and cabin clean, the younger half went down for a poolside afternoon, where they got to cool off and take a dip, read their books, or jam with friends.

While our younger cabins were playing the morning away, older half went to the lovely Lake St. George for a day on the waterfront. There was lots of swimming (of course), plus soccer, friendship bracelet making, frisbee, lots of magic games, and reading circles. The older half enjoyed a nice picnic lunch before heading back to camp for a long and lazy rest period (with maybe a little bit of cabin cleaning).

We all reunited for evening meeting and a delicious pizza and salad bar dinner. Our incomparable evening program was Kim & Reggie, who we were lucky enough to hear again this morning at meeting. Last night we heard favorites like Trampin’, If I Had a Hammer, Dem Bones, Rainbow Rays, This Land is Your Land, Roll on Woody Roll On, and Solar Power. For those of us fortunate enough to be here next session, we’ll get to see them once again! But for now, their songs are forever in our hearts and stuck in our heads. Plus, two of our cabins, Gimme Shelter and Bermuda Triangle, got the chance to workshop with Kim & Reggie in the afternoon, working on their cabin cheers and even got to get up on stage (er, I mean, Gazebo), last night and perform with them!

Well, we’re off to another exciting day of classes as we wrap up our art projects, dance routines, and focus in on skills and strategy on the soccer field and basketball court. We can’t wait to see what we’ve all accomplished tomorrow night at Sharing Night!

Forever yours,


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