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Make Way For Arrival Day!

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Reporting live from arrival day, it’s Sadie the Llama!

It’s been a day of mellow vibes and sunny skies around these parts. Campers flocked in from all over. They arrived on planes, trains and submarines. Just kidding, it was mostly cars! Regardless of their mode of travel, boy were they glad to rejoin us in this little slice of paradise. After a relaxed afternoon, campers feasted on our classic first meal: fried chicken, potatoes, dinner rolls, salad and that show-stopping carrot cake. Our evening program was Opening Night Skits which introduced them to all of our counselors and all the classes that will be available for them to signup for tomorrow at class signups. Shoutout to a few camp favorite classes: llama care, basketball team, photography, glass classes, archery and of course anything down at the lake (funner!).

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow! And don’t forget to check out the photos!

Over and out,

Sadie the Llama


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