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Long Live the Ladybugs!

Monday, May 1st, 2023


Hello HVC families!

As April comes to a close a May begins I am beginning to realize that we are getting closer and closer to the start of camp! I am so excited for Hidden Valley to be full again. I miss my camper friends and am ready to be reunited with them this summer!

Because camp is coming up we recently re-welcomed the Ladybugs, Cindy, Sam, and Serena back. They help us with so many of our day-to-day needs. I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with them to hear all about what they do in and out of HVC. Take it away!

Gopher Girl: How would you describe what you do at HVC?

Cindy: Pretty much everything–a jack of all trades, master of none.

Sam: It’s unpredictable day-to-day and fun!

Serena: I carry a shovel around and try to look busy.

On the dragonfly, their golf cart of choice!

GG: How did you end up at HVC?

Cindy: There was a lady named Laura who used to work in the laundry room, and she was looking for someone to help her in the spring clean cabins and get camp ready, and I took the job. Laura really created the housekeeping department, and eventually, I began working full-time. This was in 1999. We didn’t become the “ladybugs” until we got our first golf cart, which was painted red like a ladybug.

Sam: I started doing a bit of work here when I was 14 years old, part-time. I helped do things like picking rocks from the soccer field, clean up, and things like that. 

Serena: Dick Trull, who used to work here as one of the maintenance guys, did carpentry work with my grandfather, and he told him there was work here.

GG: Who’s someone that inspires you at HVC?

Sam: I think Meg, she’s just emotionally savvy and knows how to get things done. 

Cindy: I’d say Peter–he’s very detail-oriented and specific and I feel similarly.

Serena: Meg inspires me, she’s real.

GG: What has been your favorite project to work on at HVC?

Sam: I like clearing out the ditches in the spring to help the water flow through them. It’s very satisfying to watch the water flow as you clear away leaves and sticks and stuff. 

Cindy: I really like setting up the Red Barn for the summer, making sure the space flows well and is functional. 

Serena: I love working on all the gardens, and especially The Dome!

GG: The Dome is very, very special. What’s something that surprised you about working at HVC?

Cindy: The friendships that you make with people from all over the world!

Serena: There’s free food always!

GG: Two very important F’s: friendship and food. I’m curious to hear more about your lives outside of HVC. Who’s your favorite musical artist currently?

Cindy: Aerosmith!

Sam: I like JellyRoll. 

Serena: I love Tanya Tucker. 

Sam going the extra mile to find that missing sock!!

GG: What’s something unique about you that not many people know about?

Sam: I have a double uvula, which is the thing that hangs in the back of your throat. So weird! 

Cindy: I think that one thing people wouldn’t guess about me is I really like to think and plan ahead, and I’m good at finding creative solutions to problems.

GG: Those are both so cool! I’m also wondering about your hobbies. What are you happiest doing?

Sam: When I’m picking sea glass at the beach, or cleaning. 

Cindy: I love reading and canoeing. 

Serena: I’m happiest when I’m mushrooming (foraging for wild mushrooms). It’s also kind of a unique skill I have.

GG: What is your motto or personal mantra?

Sam: “You can’t control what other people do, say or think.” I live by this. 

Serena: “Pick up your sh*t.”

GG: Serena, I agree completely. As much as I love nibbling at camper’s leftovers I much prefer when they pick up after themselves! One last question: what’s the next big item on your bucket list?

Cindy: I want to get to the Botanical Gardens this summer, and visit the ice castles in New Hampshire!

Serena: I want to be in a tropical paradise!

Fabulous! Those are some great goals. Let me know if you need a gopher friend to tag along. Thank you so much, Cindy, Serena, and Sam for doing this interview with me and answering all my burning questions. And thank you so much for all you do at HVC! We wouldn’t have camp without you!


Gopher Girl

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