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Looking ahead!

Saturday, July 16th, 2016


Goooooood morning, ladies and germs and everything in between! Humming Bird here with a full, cool water bottle, and updates on all things camp! This beautiful, sunny day brings along several exciting things!

But first let me update you on last night… We all watched Back to the Future together! Yesterday was a bona fide scorcher, so our usual movie spot in the rec hall was slightly too warm for us to enjoy ourselves. Oh no! What to do?! Worry not! We are lucky to have a beautiful basketball court, a projector, and some speakers! What does that add up to? OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT!! Check out the picture of our whole camp gathered together to enjoy Marty McFly’s adventure with Dr. Brown!

First of all, it’s the second-to-last day of classes! Because of the heat, (which is being met with hydration, sunscreen, and hats!) many of our more active classes are being relocated to the lake or the pool! We’ve also got our sprinklers going in the backyard! Worry not, folks at home, there are plenty of opportunities for our campers to cool off from the beautiful, strong Maine sun!

As it is the second-to-last day of classes, that means that camp must be coming to a close. At this time of the session, it’s common for campers to become emotionally fragile– to become less in tune with each other’s feelings, to push each other’s buttons because it might make leaving easier, to push back against their counselors’ authority because they feel extra comfortable here at camp. These are all issues that counselors have discussed and trained extensively to handle. This morning during Meeting, Peter introduced the possibility of these challenges to the campers, and reminded them that their counselors are here to help them through any and all issues and feelings that might arise over the remaining days of camp.

And speaking of the remaining days of camp… we have a LOT to look forward to! This very afternoon we will enjoy the Camper-Counselor Basketball Game! Interest Groups will take place around the basketball court, where campers can eat their snack, watch the game, and decorate their white books! What are white books??? White books are blank books that each camper receives. The white book is a blank slate, so to speak, in which campers can commemorate the beautiful month they’ve spent here by collecting notes and contact information from their friends and cabin mates! I’m sure we’ll see many clusters of campers writing and drawing and signing each other’s white books in the coming days! Stay tuned!

Looking forward, tonight is THE PLAY! The Big Friendly Giant will make his way to HVC tonight after dinner, and we’ll all enjoy the show that our campers and counselors have worked so hard to produce and prepare for us! Stay tuned for lots of photos of our talented cast and crew! And check out a preview picture of our cast rehearsing!

I’m off to go search for some grinksludgers before the show!

Humming Along,

Humming Bird


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