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Lobsters, laughs, and see-ya-laters

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Good morning HVC families,

Last night was an unforgettable end to an unforgettable summer.

After a day of packing and finishing their cabin activities, campers had their lobster banquet dinner. It was fun to sea their faces light up as they enjoyed the incredible meal prepared by Mike and the dining hall crew.

Afterwards, they received a visit from two of my closest friends, Ben and Jerry, delivered by some udder-ly special guests.

Following dinner, campers headed to the Rec Hall for Pine Grove. The schvitz called for a change in location, but there was no change in the sincerity of each act and each goodbye.

Each cabin prepared something special to share with the camp, and the acts did not disappoint. We heard everything from inspirational quotes, to favorite camp songs, to original tunes.

To end the night, the traditional candle-lighting ceremony took place back outside and campers and staff alike had the opportunity to say goodbye to each other before heading home.

This morning, campers (and gophers) were awoken by the melodious sounds of the Taj Mahal and Forbidden Planet voices as they wondered through camp early this morning to gather everyone for breakfast.

Though it is sad to watch all the campers leave, this session and summer was a major success and each of them is headed home with countless memories never to be forgotten, and hopefully we will see them all return in the coming years to keep making new ones.

Gotta gopher now. All of the classes I snuck into this summer have inspired me to go back to school and I’ve got to go shopping. I do have a major problem…I don’t know what to study.

However, I’m not too worried. As a gopher well-versed in STEM, I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out just like I figured out how to sneak into the dining hall for Bagel Sunday.

Bread-y for next summer already,


Gopher Girl

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