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Lobster?? YES PLEASE!!

Friday, June 21st, 2019

It’s hard not to smile when your food tastes so good!!

Haaaaaappy Friday, HVC! Hummingbird and Mag-O-Llama here with all your campy updates! Last night we enjoyed our beautiful staff Lobster Banquet to celebrate the almost-end of staff training!! Check out pictures below of the joyous, raucous meal– complete with Ben and Jerry’s, of course! Even Nellie had a great time… check it out!

In other news, THERE ARE ALREADY CAMPERS HERE!! The backyard swing set and tetherball courts are getting warmed up by the few early arrivals who are already on camp, and we’re looking forward to welcoming some of our international campers later on this evening! And we’re REALLY looking forward to welcoming all the rest of our first session campers TOMORROW!! We’ll be sending you live updates of Arrival Day as cars come in! So stay tuned!

In the meantime check out pictures from the Lobster Banquet and today’s silly Dress in the Dark Day!!

We’re off to continue cleaning our cabins and prepping for campers! Hummingbird flies up to get the clothes off the clothes line, and Mag-O-Llama’s llama spitting is perfect for washing the windows!

Gettin’ ready,
Mag-O-Llama and Humminbird!

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