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Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Hello world, Sadie here!

Reporting in on this wonderful lazy lazy day to catch you up on all things llama and all things palooza!

Last night, after a lovely meal of stir-fry, dumplings (& fortune cookies!) we all headed to different areas of camp for the world-renowned, wacky, wonderful LLAMAPALOOZA! In Deer Meadows field, the Older Half cabins (Bermuda Triangle, Forbidden Planet, Shangri-La, Fiddler’s Green, Haley’s Comet and Taj Mahal) and the Middle Half cabins (Gimmie Shelter, Paquatahnee, Camelot and Valhalla) got silly with blind llama sculpting and a water balloon toss. There was also dizzy bat, where you spin around a few times and then race with a cup of water on your head! Finishing up the rotation was the famous booty bounce, tic tac toe with frisbees, and the elephant march (check out the pictures below). Everyone was showing off amazing Llamapalooza skills!

Meanwhile, in the backyard, the Younger Half cabins (Loons, Avalon, Wombles and French Quarter), also played rounds of dizzy bat, blind clay sculpting, water ballon toss, and the elephant march. They finished it off with an epic game of counselor ninja, and Liam (in Avalon) came out on top!

I’ll report back with all the lazy day deets tomorrow!

Signing off,

Sadie the Llama


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