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Livin’ it up at Llamapalooza!

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Save those balloons!!!

Top of the mornin’! Olive Oyl and Luna Bug here ready to seize another beautiful day!

We had an awesome time at Llamapalooza last night– there was dizzy bat, elephant march (knocking over cups using a headpiece made up of a stocking and a tennis ball), rock tree bridge, blind llama sculpting (like pictionary with clay), booty box (getting ping pong balls out of a box through dancing), tic-tac-tobie (giant tic tac toe with frisbees and an angry Viking), an obstacle course, and a water balloon toss. Counselors were split up into groups and got a chance to rotate through each activity, led by our amazing returning staff. There were HVC classics as well as some new favorites, and fun was had by all. After all the rotations were through we held a giant Rock Paper Scissors tournament, with the lovely Emma F. proving herself as the reigning champ. To close off the night we took part in the HVC tradition of the Counselor Wake Up Challenge, which consists of “waking up” (getting out a trash bag “sleeping bag”), getting dressed (in elaborate costumes from the Rec Hall), hopping over to breakfast and eating a bowl of cereal…with NO HANDS! And finally ended by reciting the alphabet backwards. Lex came out on top and had the whole crowd cheering for her as she masterfully raced through the alphabet backwards! We then wandered our way over to the Red Barn after spending some time admiring the beautiful sunset (be sure to check out photos as seen from Deer Meadows and Tipi Hill).

After a good night’s sleep– booty box really took it out of everyone– we woke to a delicious hot breakfast of pancakes, blueberry sauce, fresh fruit, cereal and oatmeal. Although there may be some schvitz in the air, our spirits are high as we get ready to face another day of training. Lifeguards are in the cozy dining hall this morning doing some studying for their certification while the horse and ropes staff are at their respective areas getting to know each other better, and preparing for the campers.

This evening is sure to be another night of fun with Trivia, a staff training favorite. They’ll be loads of different categories, candy thrown about (mini candy drop?!), and lots of name that tune. We can’t wait! For now, we’ll leave you all with your own trivia question: What was Forbidden Planet’s former name? While you think about that answer, check out all the photos below. Answer to come tomorrow!

Peace out!

Olive and Luna

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