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Little Over Here, Little Over There, Lots Going On

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Melissa takes the wheel

Good morning, everyone!

It’s a bit cooler today at HVC, but Olive Oyl and I dug to the back of our cubbies and got our 5 year vests out, and we’re all set to go for the day.

Last night we had a beautiful Big Circle Night, led by Meg and her crystal bowl. The entire staff sat in a big- and I mean big- circle around the Old Dance studio and we had a night full of bonding and getting to know each other better. After that we hung out at the red barn for a bit, but everybody went to bed relatively early because we had to be up today for an early breakfast at 8am!

Our day got started in a similar way to yesterday with the showing of 2 short videos. We watched Disney’s Pixar Short called “Piper” about a small bird and the fears and challenges he faces. Peter also showed us a clip of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, a cartoon that he watched every Saturday when he was a little boy! It was really cool to imagine how even something like cartoons have changed over the years. We also talked about the clips and how we might deal with problems or fears, and it was interesting to talk about different strategies for how to deal with these problems.

After the clips, the whole staff jumped into a workshop led by returning staff. In the workshop, the new staff had the opportunity to partake in different scenes to learn how to deal with different counseling situations. After that it was on to our morning priorities, where everyone is now! We scattered to our different areas whether it’s sports, archery, the pool, or working on the teaching schedule for first session!

Our first group of counselors, Ropes Group 4 (confusingly not Group 1) is on the ropes course right now, getting to climb the course in the same way that all the campers will have a chance to once they get here.

Tonight we have the Contra dance which is a folk dance made up of long lines of couples. It’s fairly common in New England, but it’ll be plenty new for the majority of us!

Updates on our dancing skills and the rest of the day to come tomorrow!

Keep on fluttering!


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