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Lions and Tigers and CLASSES! Oh My!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

Hello there!!!

Happy first day of classes! From the pottery studio to the archery range to the lake, camp is full of learning and fun.

Last night was Pinegrove. You’ll notice that there are no photos of Pinegrove included in this post because Pinegrove is a completely technology free zone. At Pinegrove we don’t take pictures to create a camp-centered evening program where everyone is fully present. Each cabin performed or led the entire camp in a song around the fire at the top of The Hill. Peformances included The Princess PatAmerican Pie, and Riptide.

Tonight is cabin night! For this evening program, each cabin does their own activity. It’s a camp classic and a great way to create community and memories within each cabin. Be sure to check back at the blog post tomorrow to read about what each cabin did.

Happy camping!

The Dining Hall Dragon

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