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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

GOOOOOD MORNING HVC!! It’s Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird here to update you on all of the fun we’ve been having!

After our scrumptious fish dinner last night we had the MAGIC DANCE!!! WE DANCED OUR HEARTS OUT!!! Aside from all of the amazing dancing, we played Magic the Gathering in the backfield, made our own magical wands and cast some wickedly awesome spells, played crystal ball basketball, (this was loads of fun) had a broomstick obstacle course that really sparked some fun and you guessed it… WE DID SOME FACE PAINTING!!!! After all of the fun we had, we ended the night in the red barn with a sing-along rendition of don’t stop believing and we rocked out on our imaginary guitars and drums!!!  I really think that a good time was had by all!!!! 🙂

Speaking of a good time being had by all… let’s take a minute to talk about some of our community outreach programs!! First up, let’s talk about our teen program, Community! These teenage campers don’t take regular classes like our main camp campers. Instead, they go out into the community every day to work on a different service project and learn about Maine! So far they’ve done lots of gardening and cooking, cleaning up and pitching in! Stay tuned for more of Community’s adventures to come!

Our second program is our Outreach Outdoors class- check out pictures of them at the animal shelter yesterday! This class is like Community Lite for our younger campers. Every day they head off camp for just an hour or so to do a mini project! They’ve gone to a recycling plant to learn about what happens to recyclable products beyond the bin; the Belfast Historical Society and Museum, where they learned about Belfast’s maritime history (ps did you know that the baseball terms “at bat” “on deck” and “in the hold” originated in Belfast???); and the Humane Society, where they read to adoptable dogs to help socialize them and increase their chances of adoption! Today they’ll be participating in the townwide Montville Trash Pickup Day! They’ll pitch in to clean trash from a road in town to help keep the Valley beautiful and planet-friendly! Thanks for all your hard work, Outreach! We’ve got some future community leaders in our midst!

We’re off to get a head start on some of the trash pickup… there’s a whole lot of work to be done!

Swooshin’ trash into the bin,
Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird





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