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Let the Fun Begin!

Sunday, June 26th, 2022

What’s up HVC families?

Here at camp, I’ve been busy digging holes to get around without running into all the campers roaming with their cabin groups. They’ve been everywhere on Orientation Day, from the lake to the pool to the dining hall to Pine Grove.

Today, every cabin completed swim evaluations, class registration, and took their photos on this jam-packed day! Big thanks to Mike and the entire kitchen team for providing us with a delectable Bagel Sunday breakfast to start the day.

Professional staff have been assisting campers with class registration! Campers had lots to choose from including Basketball, Tie-Dye, A Cappella, llama Care, Glass Beads, Iron Chef and many more! We’re so excited for classes to start on Tuesday!

Our lifeguards have been busy getting campers in and out of the lake and pool for swim evaluations. With the weather being so toasty, and everyone enjoyed the refreshing dip. Thanks to our lifeguards for ensuring the safety of our campers!

Tonight at HVC’s revered Pine Grove, we had a lovely evening event. I plopped myself on a tree stump seat right next to the crew from Camelot to enjoy the gathering. Campers celebrated their home away from home in each other’s company as they began the summer fun.

Cabins sang songs, performed skits, and lead dances. The Fiddler’s Green cabin even performed “Baby,” by Justin Bieber, my human celebrity lookalike.

Peter and Meg also lead the whole camp in singing “Oh, How Lovely is the Evening” in a three part round that turned out beautifully, with participation from every cabin.

Though it is indeed a lovely evening, I need to go to bed so that I’m well-rested for Monday Funday. More details to come tomorrow!



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