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Less than one week until camp: YEEHAW!

Sunday, June 19th, 2016


Stephen fulfills his dream of always wanting to ride a horse!! Go Stephen!

Stephen fulfills his dream of always wanting to ride a horse!! Go Stephen!

Calling all eager campers and excited parents!!

Camp is HOPPING with busy staff as we prepare further for camper arrival. As you may have heard from yesterday’s post, staff participated in a grand get-together last night as we planned out our classes and received advice from returning counselors who have taught in our different fields. No sneak peaks allowed but…anyone excited to COOK some sweet treats this summer? Anyone excited to DANCE their hearts out? How about pal-around with some furry friends of ours?

Today there were preparations made as more counselors practiced teaching classes and learning how to teach different activities. Between counselors being able to sign up for mock-horse lessons from the horse staff in training (YEEHAW!) and learning how to make glass beads, we are making sure that we are testing out all of the fun activities for you guys…purely for your benefit, of course (I LOVE seeing counselors walking around with a big smile on their face…you are about to come into a VERY happy community)!

Later on counselors will also receive their cabin assignments! That’s right, folks, we are moving into the cabins tonight that you (or your campers) will be living in for the next month. We will then start preparation for camper arrival including making sure the cabin is beautifully decorated and clean enough to eat candy-drop candy off of (did someone say candy drop!?) Also, we will spend time getting to know the other counselors in our cabin so we can start our cabin family off strong and plan some fun activities together!!

Keep your eye out for the next post! Between more lake drills for safety and arts training in the glass departments, we have a very busy day ahead of us. If it means I must hide in the bushes or put on a disguise to go undercover, I will make sure I ALWAYS get you guys the updates on all the exciting things happening here at camp! Until then…

Lots of love,

Miss Melody


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