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Meg-Gala and The Half Moon Jug Band!

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

Happy Friday Folks!

It’s Sadie the Llama here, back again after a lovely lazy day! Yesterday’s lazy day theme was “Meg Gala” and boy was it a hit! There were celebrity interviews, a dress up booth, a glam station and of course: a runway! Camper’s practiced strutting their stuff using the rec hall dec as their runway. Those are photos you’ve got to checkout!

The pool was open in the afternoon for pool activities. Everyone had the chance to take a dip! When camper’s weren’t swimming they were making friendship bracelets, tossing frisbees, playing ninja or slipping and sliding.

In the evening all of camp gathered back outside the rec hall deck for Half Moon Jug Band! Camelot and Fiddler’s Green who had the opportunity to do a workshop with Half Moon Jug band in the afternoon assisted the band in leading a song during the concert. There was singing, dancing and lots of laughter!  What more could we ask for?

Over and out!

-Sadie the Llama

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