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Laughing at the Lake and Rockin’ Out at Reality TV Day!

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Splashing around!

Howdy hey, folks!

Luna Bug buzzing in to report on the first lazy day of the session today, but first, let’s rewind to electives last night. The whole camp gathered on the soccer field and listened as each counselor talked about what their individual elective was. Among the options were pizza oven, baking cookies, making glass pendants, basketball, skateboarding, capture the flag (of course!), PK Work Crew, Juggling Dance Party, sardines, Mandala drawing, back country cooking, archery, tipi zip line, wood burning and etching, glass beads, manicure night, friendship bracelets, and finally the PK Forbidden Tour.

After we heard about the elective choices, the camp was split up into three groups. One group at a time was chosen to pick an elective based on who was the quietest! After everyone chose, we all went off to our various parts of camp to participate in or run the electives for about an hour and a half. Afterwards everyone reconvened in the rec hall to hear the report on Capture the Flag and a few other of our electives, and sing the Farthest Field led by Meg. Then, it was off to bed to rest up for our lazy day today!

The Younger Half went to Lake St. George this morning while the Older Half stayed on camp for Reality Television Day. During Reality TV Day there was Jersey Shore Hair Gel station, a Keeping up with the Karkassens station which involved dramatizing camp life, Project Runway: Newspaper Edition, a Make Your Own Tagline station, and The Voice Karaoke. Each camper was incentivized to participate in the Interest Group style activities because they would receive an Academy Voting Card after doing each station. With these voting cards they could choose between one of three possible prizes: pieing a counselor, splatter painting a counselor, or dumping a bucket of water on a  counselor. At the end of the morning’s activities, the votes were counted and the results came in: Billy will be splatter painted at evening meeting!

After the exciting morning, it was off to lunch for the older half, and then onwards to rest period, followed by pool activities. For the younger half, they had lunch at Lake St. George, and then once back on camp they had a rest period and a cabin clean. Afterwards, the younger half cabins did a few different special activities. LCH baked cookies in the barn kitchen, another cabin tie-dyed, and a few other cabins watched Inside Out in the foothills. Now, everybody is heading over to the Backyard for evening meeting. Afterwards, we’ll have dinner which, if my nose is telling me correctly, will be tacos, and our evening program tonight is going to be the always fantastic, camp classic Kim and Reggie.

What an awesome day! Make sure to look below for pictures from electives, Lake St. George, and Reality TV Day.

Cara B. and I will be back tomorrow to report on the fourth day of classes happening tomorrow!

Here’s to churros!

Luna Bug


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